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Boost Immunity.

In light of recent events, I wanted to help out with as much science-based, immune boosting information as I could. If you want to smash sickness and get a free 21-page ebook on boosting your immunity, enter your email below. It includes:

  • General and specific nutrition practices
  • Lifestyle factors such as exercise, stress, sleep, and sunlight.
  • Supplement protocols for general immunity and specific to cold and flu viruses.

Personalized, Science-based Nutrition
and Lifestyle Coaching

Hi there.

I’m Brian Siedenburg. MS Nutritional Biochemistry and Biomedicine, ancestral health enthusiast, and avid lifter. I combine the best current science with an ancestral lens and use my nutritional expertise to:

  • Rid you of chronic issues for good (toxic mold illness, type 2 diabetes, various autoimmune conditions, etc)
  • Lose weight and maximize body composition
  • Optimize athletic performance

If you want to learn more about my services, check out this page.

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I went over the top: Weekly shopping lists, meal planning template, calories, macros, and MyFitnessPal scannable barcode!

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Client Success

Brian has been a real find!! I have been looking for a nutritionist who has an integrative approach! I have a history of Lyme disease and have an autoimmune kidney disease. I attended 6 months of a health coaching program and left with a lot of information but not sure how to apply it to myself and my situation. Brian has been a huge help. For starters I never in a million years thought I could do any kind of fasting!! I just completed a 3 day fast and felt great the entire time. Brian has been available 24/7 to help guide me and answers questions as they arise. I am very excited about where this journey will take me. I already feel amazing!! I am sure whatever your health goals are that Brian would be a big asset to help you achieve them!!!

Jennifer Joyce

Last year, I was diagnosed with an arthritic hip. Instead of selecting the doctor’s choice of taking a pill. I chose to change my diet to reduce the unwanted inflammation in my body. What changes to my diet do I make? I was very fortunate that a friend recommended Brian. We discussed my desire to reduce the my inflammation in my body. Brian designed a plan to change my change diet, a road map of changes. I found Brian very good at listening to my request about his plan. Brian has valuable resources to answer my questions about how his plan will reduce inflammation. He explains the technical reason for the changes. Brian recommended a primary care physician when I said that I was unhappy with my current one. His recommendation was the type of doctor that I needed. Overall, I am very pleased and satisfied with Brian. My blood test results show improvements in my health.

Gene Plunkett

Brian’s experience and knowledge were foundational to my success. I was initially unsure about what approach would best fit my lifestyle and he worked with me every step of the way to figure it out. If you’re serious about putting in the work and effort it takes, Brian will guide you along the path to health and fitness.

Christopher Hollis

Brian has not only helped me work through my dietary issues, he has also helped me plan my workout and diet. I have lost quite a bit of weight and now feel better than ever!

John Ariansen
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What is your process like?2020-02-12T08:53:32-04:00

After scheduling a discovery call, I will call you at the scheduled time and we’ll discuss a bit of your health, nutrition, and workout history and what you’d like to accomplish working with me. I’ll give you my initial ideas of the direction we may head as well as how I may handle it.

Upon deciding to work with me, a 3-month commitment is required as that is the minimum time I believe is needed to see real change. We will schedule the first 90 minute consult, which can be in person or via Skype, and I will dive deep into your history, listen to your story, and explain the course of action.

After the consult, I will email you the plan with any accessories. From there, it’s a very high accountability experience. During the contracted time, you can text or email me at any time for any questions and I will check in with you weekly via email to see what’s working, what you’re struggling with, and make any tweaks if necessary.

Do I have to be local to work with you?2020-02-12T08:54:46-04:00

No. I do remote consults via various video chat apps and the experience is much the same as a local client, except we do not meet in person.

What can I expect from your plans? Are they restrictive?2020-02-16T19:48:35-04:00

Every person I work with gets a completely individualized eating strategy based on my assessment of their familiarity with nutrition and food, willingness to commit, metabolic, immune, gut, and overall body health.

If you’re working with me to learn how to reverse a chronic issue, the plan may tend to be more restrictive as certain foods must be cut out in order to heal the body.

If you’re a generally healthy person working with me to maximize your brain potential and improve work productivity, lose fat, or build muscle, I meet you where you’re at based on your familiarity with food practices and willingness to commit. These types of plans tend to be less restrictive. If you’re a beginner, can start very slow with a few instructions till they become habits. If you’re more advanced, we can get very granular with specific prescriptions of ideal food choices, calories and macros. It is all based on your individualism.

Every individual who works with me gets the following:

  • A laid out plan that works with your lifestyle to achieve your goal.
  • Recipes conducive to the eating strategy that’s right for you.
  • Grocery Lists
  • PDFs including, but not limited to:
    • Ideal sources of protein and those to limit
    • A guide to fats and oils – Those good for high/medium/low heat and fats/oils to stay away from
    • A guide to all different types of vegetables, including colorful vegetables, sulfur-rich vegetables, leafy greens, and low carb vegetables
What is your pricing structure?2020-02-16T18:59:26-04:00

If you’ve never worked with me before, I require an initial 3-month commitment. However, 6-month and 1-year options are available.

3-month commitment: Upfront $600 ($200/month) or 3 payments of $220

6-month commitment: Upfront $1080 ($180/month) or 6 payments of $200

1-year commitment: Upfront $1800 ($150/month) or 12 payments of $180

After our contracted time is up, you can choose to work with me month-to-month at $250/month, or purchase another package at your current package price if it is a shorter term commitment.

Example: You purchase an initial 6-month commitment package and paid $1080 upfront. At the end of 6 months, you choose to buy an additional 3-month package. In this case, the extra 3 months would be $540 upfront or $200/month (the original 6 month package pricing).

You can come back to work with me month-to-month up to 6 months after our time is up; after 6 months, another 3 month minimum is required.

Example: You sign up for January through the end of March. You choose to stop working with me for a couple months, but a hit some sort of snag and would like to work with me again in June, just for June. June would be $250.

If you decided to work with me again in October (6 months after March) or November (7 months after March), another 3 month minimum commitment is required.

Why don’t you offer single consults?2020-02-12T09:44:40-04:00

In my experience, a single one-off consult without accountability, support, and camaraderie moving forward has a significantly lower success rate than the process of working together over a time period.

I felt empty providing single consults without promise of follow-up. “How is he/she doing? Are they struggling at all to implement the plan or is everything going swimmingly?” Were my frequent thoughts.

Building a relationship allows me to get to know you and your struggles, and allows the plan to be modified based on your specific struggles and habits if necessary.

Changing your eating strategy can be hard, and having a guidepost there at every step along the way ensures your success.

Do you only address nutrition? Or other lifestyle factors?2020-02-16T20:06:23-04:00

My formal training and the core of my plans is based in nutrition as what we put in our mouths at every meal are the building blocks of our body and brain.

However, health is holistic and more than just food.

Movement/exercise, sleep, and stress are also huge parts of health. I’ve steeped myself in the scientific research pertaining to these topics and if I assess that sleep or stress is an obvious problem causing a health deficit, I will include ways to improve these factors as well.

Complete, personalized, and dynamic weight training/exercise programming can be added at additional charge. I specialize in exercise training for functional health and a fit body, powerlifting training, and bodybuilding training.


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