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“All disease begins in the gut.” – Hippocrates

Hippocrates was way ahead of his time.

With more and more recent research, this statement is proving true.

With everything we’re exposed to in todays modern age – Overconsumption of processed sugar from refined carbohydrates, chemicals from plastics, pesticides, food additives, and many other sources – most everyone in the western world is living with some degree of leaky gut.

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What is leaky gut?

I’m glad you asked.

During the normal digestive process, your digestive enzymes and secretions break down the food you eat into the smallest constituents to be absorbed into intestinal cells, packaged, and delivered into the bloodstream in the correct manner.

In a situation of leaky gut, there are openings in between the intestinal cells that can let undigested food particles in. Once these particles enter the bloodstream, the immune system does not recognize them and treats them as a foreign invader, causing a systemic inflammatory response.

If you keep consuming and exposing yourself to the triggers causing the leaky gut (very easy to do), then this low grade inflammation becomes chronic.

Chronic, low grade inflammation leads to increased risk of many modern chronic diseases – neurodegenerative (Alzheimers), metabolic (Type 2 diabetes), autoimmune, and more.

The good news is – leaky gut is healable and reversible. You must remove the triggers causing it and then provide ample gut, brain, and body healing nutrients.

I’ve put together 4 free handouts to instruct you to do just that – an overview with easy to read instructions on what to include and exclude as far as foods, supplements, etc. 2 handouts detailing a comprehensive list of 3 classes of gut-healing vegetables to include, and one handout detailing the types of fats and oils to include and exclude for optimal health.

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